For Scholars

Past and present Abramson Scholars enjoy a tour of Judge Sullivan’s chambers, along with Mentoring Chair Aaron Jenkins and President Addy Schmitt.

The Abramson Scholarship Foundation seeks to assist students who have strong personalities and are determined to direct their own futures. In many instances, our Scholars are the first in their family to attend college or have backgrounds that do not provide some necessary tools for success. The Foundation provides partial scholarships on a multi-year basis. In addition, the Foundation provides mentors and training. We have a diverse group of mentors and generally provide two mentors to each of our Scholars – one who is close to the Scholar’s age and has recently graduated from college and another who is older and more established in his/her career. The goals of our mentoring program include providing a stable outside source to talk with the Scholar about the college experience, providing training in time management, resume preparation, and interviewing, and providing exposure to the varied careers of our mentors.

During the course of a school year, a Scholar is contacted by his or her mentor(s), our Executive Director and our student liaison. Mentors and Scholars regularly keep in touch with each other by phone and email. Mentors send care packages at least twice a year, and we have events for our Scholars and mentors to provide opportunities for face to face interaction. You may download our application from this website. We require an application and letters of recommendation by the deadline below. Many candidates will also have interviews with our Scholarship Committee.

We require an application by Friday, April 28, 2017, and we will require letters of recommendation and interviews with our Scholarship Committee.
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