Abramson Scholar Mentor Program

How can I help?

Many of our Scholars are the first in their families to attend college and some have not yet had the chance to explore the world beyond their neighborhood. Navigating the academic, social, financial, and other pressures of college can be daunting. Our Scholars need advice and guidance from their first day of college to their post-graduation plans. ASF volunteers are there to support our Scholars and to maximize the chances of success in college and beyond.

ASF's Many:1 Mentoring Model surrounds our Scholars with an extensive network of support. Volunteers can serve as a mentor or as an advisor.

Become an ASF Mentor

Each Abramson Scholar is paired with a mentor. An Abramson mentor provides personalized attention and comprehensive mentoring to an Abramson Scholar. Specifically, the mentor provides academic, professional and emotional guidance and support as the Scholar navigates all aspects of the college experience and seeks to secure employment during summer breaks and after graduation. In discharging these responsibilities, the mentor draws on the Abramson Network for resources and advisors to supplement the mentor’s 1:1 work with the Scholar.

What’s expected from mentors

  • Research academic requirements and campus resources, to guide students as needed.
  • Communicate regularly (2-3 times per month) with Scholar 
  • Record Scholar’s needs, issues, successes, or any information that would help better serve the student, through the GradSnapp student management platform.
  • Respond promptly to any communications from ASF and alert ASF to Scholar’s unresolved issues and challenges 
  • Use best efforts to attend all Abramson events throughout the year

Click here for more information on ASF's mentor expectations.

How to become a Mentor

Mentors are matched with first-year Scholars each spring, but we accept applications on an ongoing basis. Here are the steps to take to become an Abramson mentor:

  1. Apply here 
  2. Complete phone interview with a member of ASF's Mentoring Committee
  3. Participate in mentor training
  4. Sign the ASF Mentor Agreement

Become an ASF Advisor

By volunteering your expertise as an Abramson Advisor, you will be providing specific advice to both our Scholars and their mentors on an as-needed basis. This can take the form of academic, career, financial, and mental health counseling. The amount of time Advisors will need to commit to the Advisor Community is expected to be no more than [2 or 3 hours] a month, but will ultimately depend on the demand for services you are able to provide.

Click here for more information on ASF's advisor expectations.

How to become an advisor

Here are the steps to take to become an Abramson advisor:

  1. Apply here 
  2. Complete phone interview with ASF staff
  3. Sign the ASF Advisor Agreement
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