For Mentors

The Abramson Foundation seeks to assist students who are solid performers, have strong personalities and a drive to succeed, and who may come from backgrounds such that they would benefit from mentors who have survived the experience of college and have established careers. Our objectives as mentors are: to assist our Scholars in coping with the stresses of college; to help train them in time management, resume writing and interviewing; and to provide them with the perspective of people who are achieving professional goals in arenas of interest to them. 

We generally assign two mentors to each Scholar Рone who is a few years older than the Scholar and another who is significantly older and more established. Our Executive Director, Elaine Hammond, and our Communications Director, Linda McKoy, also stay in contact with each Scholar and provide information and insight about issues that the Scholar is facing.

The Foundation holds dinners and social events which mentors and Scholars attend. This provides opportunities for them to learn more about each other and to get beyond communication by telephone and email.