Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (from left to right): Addy Schmitt, Sam Maruca, Walter McEwen, Sally Gere, James McClelland, and Richard Hanks [not pictured: Aaron Jenkins, Hon. Richard A. Levie (ret.), and Leah Tulin]

The Executive Committee is comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Chairs of the Development, Nominations, Scholarships and Mentoring Committees. As the principal executive officer of the Foundation, the President supervises and controls all of the business and affairs of the Foundation and presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors.

Executive Committee

Addy R. Schmitt, President

Leah J. Tulin, Vice President

James McClelland, Jr., Treasurer

Deborah Blackhurst Doddy, Secretary

Sam Maruca, Development Chair

Elizabeth Sarah Gere, Scholarship Co-Chair

Brian Schwalb, Scholarship Co-Chair

Aaron Jenkins, C0-Mentorship Chair

Hon. John McCabe, Co-Mentorship Chair

Hon. Richard A Levie (Ret.), Nominating and Governance Co-Chair

Pauline A. Schneider, Nominating and Governance Co-Chair

Walter McEwen, Jr., Communications Co-Chair

Doug Ward, Communications Co-Chair

Diane Robertson, Finance and Audit Committee Chair