Jessie Clark has been a member of the mentoring committee since June 2022 but has been familiar with the incredible work that ASF does for a lot longer.  Jessie worked on a project for COMPASS Pro Bono where she was introduced to ASF and then soon after learned that she had a number of good friends actively involved in the organization.  Her focus on the mentoring committee is the Advisor Network.  She also is on the scholarship committee which allows for cross-communication between the groups.  Jessie is amazed by the high-caliber of Scholars in the program and the dedicated staff, board members, advisors, friends of Abramson and especially the Mentors that make it all work.

Jessie has a background in international marketing and enjoyed traveling the world with Sprint International, Global One and Verisign for 15 years.  Jessie’s husband, Doug, started a business in the area called the Carefree Boat Club and after a couple of years, Jessie settled down to help run the business.  Jessie and Doug live and work in DC and have two grown children that are currently in graduate school so she has a lot of experience with the college process.