Janeese Lewis, 2010 St. John’s University Graduate

The Abramson Scholarship Foundation strives to support District of Columbia Public School graduates through college and beyond, in order to ensure their professional success and enable them to give back to our community. At the core of this mission is the Foundation’s unique mentoring program. 2006 Abramson Scholar Janeese Lewis (School Without Walls) is a shining example of our program’s success. Janeese was an Abramson Scholar in 2006, when she launched her college career at St. John’s University. In March 2012, she wrote the Foundation to thank its Board members for having encouraged her in her desire to attend St. John’s and in her ambition to pursue a legal career. Janeese was particularly grateful that, during her college years, the Foundation had helped her land a summer internship at the Cochran Firm. There she was able to get hands-on experience in the legal profession and the experience affirmed her desire to become a lawyer.

Janeese graduated with honors from St. John’s University in 2010. After graduation, she worked in Los Angeles, CA, through the City Year program. Janeese returned to DC in 2011 to attend Howard University School of Law where she is a member of the Class of 2014. This past fall, Janeese started volunteering as an Abramson Mentor. While participating as a Mentor at the Foundation’s winter Professional Development Workshop for current scholars, Janeese happened to mention to Addy Schmitt, President of the Abramson Foundation, that she was eager to get some experience working for a judge presiding over criminal matters. Addy lit up; she knew of a potential internship and would happily recommend Janeese!


Janeese socializes with other mentors at the January 4, 2013 Wizards’ game.

Janeese followed up on Addy’s offer to assist her in finding a judicial internship, and Janeese is currently interning at the Superior Court of the District of Columbia for the Honorable John McCabe, an Abramson Board Member and long-time Abramson Mentor. Janeese describes this experience as “amazing!” The internship has provided her with “the opportunity to watch trials and status hearings, write substantive research memos and draft court orders.” Janeese is confident that her work for Judge McCabe will be a great foundation for her upcoming summer job with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. Reading Janeese’s comments, Addy was reminded of the Foundation’s motto: “Strengthening Our Community and Ourselves One Scholar at a Time.” Janeese is both contributing to, and continuing to benefit from, the Foundation’s mission, and her success is our success.