Thank you for supporting the Abramson Scholarship Foundation.  On behalf of the Foundation, I am reaching out as we prepare to award our 2013 new and continuing scholarships, and to share some Scholar updates and moving testimonials from this year’s scholarship applicants.  I hope that you will consider making a contribution to the Abramson Scholarship Foundation by May 24, 2013, to ensure that more motivated District of Columbia public high school graduates have the opportunity to attend college and the tools to succeed once they get there.

With a contribution to the Abramson Scholarship Foundation, you never have to wonder whether your support is really making a difference and having an impact on the lives of young people in our community.  It is!  Please consider the following:


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First, we are thrilled to announce that six (6) current Abramson Scholars have graduated from college between December 2012 and May 2013, and all have jobs lined up in their fields of study.  Click here to read the updates and learn what several of these recent graduates have been up to.  On Saturday, Mentoring Committee Chair Aaron Jenkins and I had the tremendous pleasure and privilege of attending Abramson Scholar Louis Ngonzo-Biyo’s graduation from Catholic University (photos attached).  As we exchanged hugs, Louis said simply and emphatically: “Thank you.  Thank you so much, I would not be standing here without Abramson.”

Next, we wanted to share a few excerpts from some of our Continuing Scholars’ application essays this year, so that you can hear from the Scholars themselves what a difference you have made and continue to make.

The truth is that I am by far one of the most privileged college students. I have the priceless support from my two incredible Abramson mentors who keep me motivated enough to survive freshman year.  I have the most loving and encouraging Abramson family who are so generous to assist me financially and emotionally. Therefore, I am simply very grateful for the Abramson Foundation Scholarship for contributing on making my college career so meaningful!

– Continuing Scholar Applicant entering second year of college

I have always been a big dreamer. The Abramson Foundation helps bring me closer to my dreams in terms of financing my education. But they do not stop there. In the Abramson Foundation, I have found a wonderful extended family from the directors, to the mentors, and to my fellow Abramson scholars. It is absolutely impossible to give up knowing that so many people genuinely have faith in you and continue to cheer you on no matter what

–  Continuing Scholar Applicant entering third year of college

The Abramson Foundation is to me like gas is to a car, I need it to start-up and drive.  With the care packages, the email updates, and the many phone calls from my mentor, the Abramson Foundation provides me with the encouragement and support needed to get through such difficult times. My name for the Abramson Foundation in my contact list is the “Abramson Family”.  They are more than just lawyers and judges that give money because they have to; they believe in the cause to help inner city youth get out of troubling environments and graduate from college. They are my family who are determined to see me cross that college stage. My Abramson family has been there for my downfalls and is also there to witness my growth. I cannot thank them enough.

–  Continuing Scholar Applicant entering senior year of college

I can honestly say that the Abramson Foundation has been one of my life lines. In my time of need, to share exciting news; the foundation has always been there. I have learned how to create an amazing resume, proper interviewing skills, and how to overcome difficult situations. This foundation is another family to me that has instilled in me countless techniques and tools that will help in my professional and personal life.

– Continuing Scholar Applicant entering senior year of college

Finally, please save the date for the 2013 Scholarship Reception on Monday, June 24, 2013 at 6:30 pm at Venable LLP (575 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20004), where we will honor our recent graduates, along with the 2013 First-Year and Continuing Abramson Scholars.  Click here to read the invitation.

With sincere thanks for all you do,

Addy Schmitt